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Life's Greatest Journey
By Dr. Rene’ Monroe, Ph.D.

This book is based on the true story of a career real estate lady who is desperate to return to her country roots. Rene’ Monroe is unhappy just making money and breathing -------there has to be more to life. She purchased a rundown ranch in Oakdale, California, and to secure a steady income, she licensed it as a facility to house homeless boys with behavioral problems.

The emotional adventure that follows is full of love (a triangle romance), compassion, drama, numerous funny scenarios, and the real heartbreaks of the children who come to live at the ranch. In her quest to help them, she finds the children’s governments programs that are suppose to protect the children are actually written to fail. With no children of her own, she becomes a protector and role model in the act of Instant Motherhood.

The story takes you from the present time when she learns she has a mass in her throat; to the past and the most rewarding time in her life----Owner and director of a boy’s ranch in the foothills of Yosemite National Forest. (last boys ranch in the 80’s)

In the opening scene, after many years, Rene’ returns to the ranch in Northern California and relives her past.

The Intrigue; The Main Character;

The reader is introduced to a complex high energy level personality that is full of contradictions. Rene’ was a “runaway” at the age of sixteen because of an abusive home situation. This early experience sets the stage for the empathy she displays for the boys trusted to her care. The story reveals how she handles many difficult situations by connecting to her inner strength. She possesses a unique combination of personal traits that is both fascinating and bold. Rene’ is an out door sportsman, a marksman (neck shots only) who hunted caribou at the North Pole, an avid fisherman, and an experienced horseman.

Her horsemanship started at age five with her first horse. Active for several years in Woman’s Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA), her horsemanship experience includes team roping, barrel racing, and training her own horses. She is known for her red roan and sorrel horses that were purchased from such powerful people as Walter Merrick, the man who helped create and established the American Quarter Horse Association.

She is highly respected by the “inner Circle” a family of professional horsemen such as Ben Johnson, Harley May, and Jack Roddy. Rene’ is an overachiever who wants to master all that life has to offer.

And yet, Rene’ is fully feminine. She is a beautiful woman who graduated form John Robert Powers Finishing School in the 60’s. She worked as a still photo model in San Francisco in her early twenties.

Rene’ dresses with the utmost class in designer clothes, yet she is very much at home in wranglers and boots. She possesses a childlike playfulness. (Editors note; Upon her arrival at my house, she became very upset over forgetting her speed skates) Rene’ is a very young thinking 68 year old.

Her inner strength and her belief in the inner strength of God worked toward developing her own personal philosophy. She continued her education throughout her life, which includes a Masters degree in Metaphysical Science, and two Doctorates; one Metaphysical Science and counseling, and the other in Metaphysical Psychology. She is also an ordained Minister, non-denominational. As a result of her intellectual and humanitarian efforts, the boy’s ranch satisfied her driven desire to help others, especially abandoned children caught in our government children’s system.

Rene’ was unaware that this involvement would bring out the best in her. She is driven by compassion for these children, is outraged at the governmental system that exploits these children, and as a result, created one of the first long-term Psychological Behavioral Modification Programs approved by the state of California. The boys are not just warehoused-instead they are immersed in a family environment that nourishes the souls of these youngsters-usually the first they have experienced.

In the book, Instant Motherhood, this lady finds ways to work the system and becomes an advocate for these children. She becomes aware of another danger these children face with every child arriving at the ranch on prescription drugs to control their behavior. Rene` begins to research this problem and finds it is a full-blown epidemic. Today we have several million children on prescription drugs. Prescription drugs may damage brain cells of our children.

She proves on her ranch program that in most cases prescription drugs are not needed. She begins to work with others who believe the system is written wrong, including judges and senators who are more than happy to cooperate.

This Book Contains;

The Heartbreak; The nightmarish history of these boys is woven throughout the book. Rene` comes to know the true horrific background these children experienced before they came to the ranch.

The failed state children’s programs; When the child’s time is up on the ranch program according to the State, the child is uprooted and moved to a cheaper program, creating heartbreak for all involved. By the time the child reaches eighteen; with this kind of insecurity we have just created another adult criminal. Seventy-six percent of our adult prisoners come from children’s government run programs.

The humor; The nine and ten year olds make her misjudgments a humbling yet hilarious experience. With the author having NO children and being a career person, the challenges of the boys’ become a fascinating feed for her high energy level personality; At times joining in the practical jokes with the boys against the staff.

Chapter short takes;
The Comedy, Mud Day;

On Mud Day, a special day at the ranch, Rene’ and the judge are in deep conversation and standing too close to the arena fence. Rene’ dressed for a speaking engagement later that afternoon, is totally soaked with mud, Lilly Ann suit, pillbox hat, and all. The Distract Judge was friendly up to this point. His personality changed somewhat when he too is covered with mud. Rene’ stresses sportsmanship at the ranch, and finds herself being encouraged by her boys to ride the muddy slide; thus sacrificing the Lilly Ann suit.

The Counselor’s Protest;

Short sheeting the counselor’s beds, Rene’ shows her playfulness as she leads the boys on this mischievous adventure one weekend when the counselors must leave the ranch to attend an educational seminar in San Francisco.

Tom and the Bear;

The bear stories that evolved on trips into the high mountain country are filled with laughter, one chapter tells of Tom making bear sounds to scare one of the boy’s back into camp, only to find a real bear answering his unintentional mating call right behind him.

The Wedding;

The minister nervously performed Rene’ and Tom’s outdoor western wedding in the arena, attended by the boys and staff mounted on horses. It was windy that day. One of the colts spooked when her bridal veil blew off and landed on a colt’s head. He begins to buck, creating mayhem, only then does everyone find out the minister is deathly afraid of horses. It takes some coaxing to convince the minister to come down out of the walnut tree next to the arena fence to finish the ceremony.

The Baseball Games;

The baseball games show both sides of Rene’s personality when two guests from the state Capitol of California arrives unexpectedly, only to find the lady in the suit they met earlier in the month is now playing shortstop with the boys.

The Drama, The Reporters;

There was a large sign hung over the main entrance gate of the ranch. It read; “REPORTERS CAUGHT PAST THIS POINT MAY DIE OF LEAD POSIONING.” The boys made a little grave with a wooden tombstone stating; HERE LIES THE LAST REPORTER THAT TRESPASSED THROUGH THESE GATES. Rene’ was accused of roping and dragging an uninvited gentleman reporter off the ranch. She will neither confirm nor deny if this actually happened.

The Language;

Language at the ranch was a problem. Sixteen boys with behavioral problems, there was a crisis of some kind everyday. Rene’s friends said she possessed the patience of a saint. Her favorite prayer was; “Please lord; let me see these circumstances as gifts from you.” The language ranch remedies went on a disastrous course when three uninvited self-righteous church ladies dropped by.

The Suspense. The Mountain Disaster;

The trips into the mountains proved to be very suspenseful. One trip in particular, a horse loses its footing and falls off the side of the mountain, almost causing a boy to lose his life. This horse was a favorite among the boys. Rene’ struggled down the mountain to the bottom of the canyon to destroy the critical injured mare.

The Romance; (Throughout the Book)

Two Professional Rodeo Cowboys fall in love with Rene.’ One is a three-time world champion steer wrestler, while the other is just a ranch hand at the ranch. He also competes and carries a P.R.C.A.card. The competition in the rodeo arena is carried over into her life when the two men fight for her attention. This creates some humorous twist and turns.

Rene’s mission is to inform the public about the harm these drugs do in hindering the development of a child’s mind. Most of the children arrived at the ranch with several medications to correct adolescent behavior. Within sixty to ninety days, under Rene’s care and working with physicians that believed in natural cures, the children maintained a normal childhood without these drugs. This is something that Rene’ firmly believes needs to be brought to the public’s attention. Plus a “do over” on the poorly written government written programs.


Why a Movie?

• There are over 73,000,000. Baby boomers, most of which attend movies on a regular basis.
• America is in a cold war; movie audiences are starving for real life adventure, something that reaches out and grabs the heart, which makes them laugh, and hopefully makes them think, in life they too can make a difference.
• This book is based on my true-life experiences with boy’s ranches, most in the eighties.
• I believe this movie will break all records in sales.
• This movie will do for America’s abandoned street children what Forest Gump did for the mentally handicap. We have more corporations such as United Grocers hiring mentally handicap because of the movie Forest Gump.
• Instant Motherhood could be filmed in some of the most incredible mountain scenery in the United States, Yosemite National Forest.
• Put horses and boys together in the mountains and mix it up with adults involved in a complex, but moral, romance---how can it lose?

The actress for this part should be in her late thirties or early forties

• Have the talent and the ability to play the sophisticated part and a down-to-earth western gal. She must know “How to ride Horses,” preferably with her feet and legs, not her butt flopping in the breeze.
• This is a movie her children can watch some day and say with pride; “That’s my mom” and she made a difference in children’s lives.
• In this movie the actress would be playing a part of an educated lady who wears several hats, from the latest in dress hats and suits to the very best in western clothes, and boots. She wears the dress suits and hats to get what she wants at the state Capitol, to wranglers and boots managing the ranch and behavioral problem boys.
• Rene’ has no interest in becoming a celebrity, and is not caught up in the celebrity craze. She values her privacy, her life with her husband, and is content in her own space. She has never taken an autograph, and states she hasn’t a clue what people would do with something like that. Considers actors as just doing a chosen profession.
• Dr. Rene’ Monroe is offering her consulting services to the screenwriters for consultation.
• This actress should be able to play the older role, in her 60’s and the younger role, in her early 40’s still easy on the eyes.

This will be, without a doubt the actress’ next Academy Award; however, the rewards the actress will receive extend beyond the Academy Awards. With this story, she can truly make a difference in the lives of many abandoned street children.

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A career lady(Rene Monroe) goes from suits and city back to her country roots. From NO children to eighteen behavioral problem boys and a ranch setting in the country...