In this wonderful country we have an ongoing growing problem in our schools and on the streets of our cities. It’s our homeless children.

Our schools are finally accepting the homeless children in the school districts and recognizing they too need an education, and guidance to succeed in this world.

What qualifies a child to be homeless? A child who may be living with their parents but living in their car or low income motels, are part of what we are seeing as homeless.

Is it the economy that is causing such an overload and surge in our homeless children. ....YES. I am finding parents who want to work just have no place to find work of the most menial job. They are sleeping in a cheep motel with three children. They are going through depression which intern creates the depression of the children. The family is not the normal street family; They have worked most of their lives and know have lost everything, Their home, their jobs, all their possessions.

The children need something positive in their lives, and that’s where the homeless horse and animal therapy comes in to play. The schools are very receptive to this kind of program. There is a grant of sorts that provide counselors offering this kind of program with some support. But it is not enough. I have personally been to these horse therapy classes of the homeless children and found their facilities are not at all equipped to handle the need and demand for these special programs.

What I am proposing is to build an indoor arena for this very needed animal therapy program!

Buy the land in back of my ranch and provide everything that is needed to do a program that benefits these homeless children.

The following is needed for the animal therapy program to be a success;

• Buy the land in back of my ranch.
• Building of 150 width by 225 length, indoor arena.
• Location, Amarillo, Texas
• Provide the afternoon dinner and treats.
• Provide ten on grounds temporary housing for teens. ( units are two rooms)
• Busing is provided by the school district, However, Vans are needed for the temporary housing teens.
• Clothing provided for those who are in need.
• An animal petting zoo for the smaller children.

This program would provide the positive flow needed in the homeless children that I find is missing. Something as simple as petting a horse or brush one. Or see a baby foal up close and personal.

When I first started investigating this program, the results did not surprise me. Seeing a homeless child smiling that had arrived with so much sadness in their eyes, began smiling and feel life might be worth living.

This animal therapy program could do wonders for our homeless.

If you wish to be involved from a financial aspect with this program please contact us with this link. The total package is $3,000,000. Dollars. Not much considering the rewards!

Respectfully Submitted

Dr. Rene` Monroe

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